Belgrade Cotton Factory (BPK)

The line of residential and commercial buildings in the Despot Stefan Boulevard is interrupted by a very modest version of the Berlin Wall, a brick fence encapsulated with graffti, and behind it lays the whole abandoned industrial area covered with terraced roofs. A large part of the area once belonged to the Belgrade Cotton Factory, which managed to grow from a small workshop to the greatest factory on the mentioned space.

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Sugar Factory

Abandoned sugar factory is one of the few industrial facilities that with its monumentality, position, an historical significance managed to resist oblivion. The physical structure and consistency of the complex are a current theme in the city of Belgrade for many years, however, some chapters from the story of the Sugar Factory slowly fade. The facilities of the complex are a monument of the culture of the city of Belgrade and the “Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments” is currently responsible for them. The detail that is forgotten and which will not be remembered in the future is the use value of the factory. The workers are no longer walking through the complex, machines do not create noise and the smell of sugar has faded away.

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“Zastava Promet” company

The former “Zastava Promet” company was forgotten in only seven years. Today it stands unseen in a part of a city full of life, a hole in time and space. Left to collapse, empty building is also a potential threat to the environment, given the state of the construction itself, which recently burnt down.

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Old Fairground

The Old Belgrade Fair didn’t exist for years. The memorial complex is left to a small group of people who are inhabited there. The state power has given the walls and roofs of the remaining pavilions to the endangered population , and certain parts were illegally occupied by today’s residents. Time and war have changed the complex program and appearance. The abandoned old fair’s current state is another one in a series of phases in time, that in relation to the history of the place, we hope, will take a short period.

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