Nevena Zdravić,

Photographer and Photo Editor for the Forgotten Belgrade blog, on contrary student of programming at the Mathematics Faculty. In the constant struggle between systematics and creativity, creativity almost always wins, which can be seen by the look at her previous projects. She is driven by the need to find aesthetics in everything that surrounds her.

Tijana Filipović,

Photographer and Photo Editor for the Forgotten Belgrade blog, an architect who almost always brings with her a tool for capturing the moment. Her day has more hours than the day of any other person, she has the special power to achieve too much in 24 hours. The moving energy of the team with a rarely lively spirit.

Itana Šestović,

Content writer and graphic designer for the Forgotten Belgrade blog, apart from that an architect, generally interested in creation and research. In constant search for words she writes stories about abandoned buildings. Passionate towards visual art, although she does not always agree with the statement that the picture speaks more than 1000 words.

Diana Popčić,

Web and graphic designer for the needs of the Forgotten Belgrade project, apart from that an architect with a tendency to be entangled in all other visual arts. Dedicated to the need to work only on the things that move her. She reveals her creativity in unexpected flashes. With an open mind she presents new ideas on daily basis. Intuitively inspired by abandoned spaces.

Nikola Zdravić ,

Photographer and video editor for the Forgotten Belgrade blog, inspired by music, abstract views and sounds. Mostly focused on more than one thing at a time, chooses the video, as an audio-visual medium, for expressing creativity and displaying information about the subject.